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Welcome on the offical page of « Logbook Factory » , the logbook creator for Windows XP, Vista and 7. Two languages are currently availables : french and english, please read the FAQ to know how to change it.

With « Logbook Factory » you can easily create your customized tapes, just print them and cut following the line.

Please read the FAQ before asking anything.

You can send your suggestions by email (available in the « about » box of Logbook Factory) or by using the contact form.


Logbook Factory

Windev 17 sources, for developers only. All source code and comments are in french.


– You can now change the space between two tapes
– Background color of FTF/STF/TTF is now customizable
– Better management of the nano caches tapes

– All lines are darker, the old color wasn’t printed on some black & white printers.
– You can now choose your paper format : A4, US Letter, A3, etc. (thanks to Eric and KrazyNomad from Canada!)

– The ribbons are now centered to facilitate duplex printing
– New wizard of duplex printing, especially for printers that do not have this feature
– Custom colors on cache name and cache code
– Cache informations can be printed also on the warning tape
– Bug corrections, some improvements

– New icon
– New « About » box wich include a link to the new Twitter account @LogbookFactory

4.1 BETA
– Added optionnal « Date/Name »
– Report code completely rewritten, much cleaner now
– Multiple pages!

4.0 BETA
– Save as PDF
– Save and load configuration files
– Promotional link to this page on the last tape (optionnal, you can remove it)
– Get cache informations from geocaching.com (broken since last site update)
– Polish warning on the first tape (thanks to Karol « wantsky » from Warsaw!)


Just unzip the archive, then run « Logbook Factory.exe » .


How much costs this software?
Zero euros, zero dollars, niet, nada, nichts. It’s free and open source!

Can I change the warning text printed on the first tape?
Yes, just update « EN warning.rtf » (english), « FR avertissement.rtf » (french), « PL ostrzezenie.rtf » (polish) or create your own one. Just use the RTF format and the correct file extension.

Where are the config files?
Mostly in « C:\ProgramData\LogbookFactory\ »

The interface is in french, what the hell?
Go in the « ? » menu, then « Langue » , and choose « English » . Voilà.

I have a lot of ideas to improve this software, how do I do?
Just send an email to logbook (at) memepasmal (dot) ch, use the contact form or follow @LogbookFactory on Twitter.

I’m on Mac OSX
Too bad, get a PC and install Windows. 😛

Pourquoi cette page est en anglais? (why is this page in english?)
De plus en plus de non-francophones utilisent ce logiciel, et puis c’est la langue officielle du geocaching. La page en français est ici.